Monday, April 16, 2012

Hilary and Ann

Martin Gould writes a clear and concise argument concerning the Hilary Rosen statement on Ann Romney at:
And I want to add that I'm extremely glad Hilary Rosen spoke her mind. Why? Because she, along with hundreds of thousands like her, already harbors such erroneous thinking and without speaking such thoughts aloud they never get discussed and continue to have infectious power over societal ideologies.
I've painted in private homes for over 30 years as a children's muralist and faux finishing artist, and spoken with hundreds of Moms.
Rosen's opinions are by no means isolated or out-of-the-main stream.
Where once upon a time a Mom working outside the home often felt judged and apologetic, most stay at home Moms NOW feel that way. "I'm lucky," they say, "that I get to stay home with the kids;" to which I reply "BAH HUMBUG!" Having raised a son on my own; I worked to provide for the 2 of us without regular financial aide on the uncertain income of a free-lance artist. If I can make a go of it, anyone can. What it takes is determination, planning and sacrifice; and that's what stay-at-home Moms exercise. I worked because I had to and, unavoidably, lost precious time with my son over the years. It couldn't be helped; so I'm the last one to say whether or not working outside the home is right or not for any Mom. But, to assume that a woman who stays home and exerts her full efforts in raising her children and providing a safe, informed and sane refuge for the family, is anything LESS than deserving of our highest praise and confidence, is idiotic. It's high time we get such ideas out in the open to diffuse them. Fresh air is always necessary to eradicate moldy stuff, like Rosen's opinions; so please, will all the like-minded among us speak up and let's clear it up and clean 'em out!