Wednesday, June 20, 2012

zzzzzzz = peace of mind

I need to sleep at night and I need to do so more regularly. The only way to make it through the confusing uncertainty and often grueling requirements of each day is to go to sleep early, get up early. Promise myself that as the sun sets, I can watch something I enjoy or read, ponder, pray and drift off to that safe la la land of dreams that precedes tomorrow. Also, I've decided this blog is just for me to journal. Life is full of candy corn and spiders, but the sweet always out weighs the bad in the end if we look. For instance, as soon as I left for Maryland to paint, my roommate started having problems with first the vacuum cleaner, then the toilet, and now the AC. Remarkably few people know a decent AC repair person on top of it all! Yesterday my life felt overrun by spiders. Then I realized: what if I'd been out of the country when all this happened & she hadn't been able to reach me? I could've lost a really great renter! I DID find help for the problems and a couple of people who my renter can call or email when she can't reach me--people I trust fully. Under the few spiders which were disrupting my peace of mind I see a mountain of candy corn in real friends, solutions, and God's perfect timing which time and again averts insurmountable disasters from my life.