Sunday, March 29, 2015

Seasons Change

Next Saturday my son and his darling wife, Jordan & Karli, take off for sunny Los Angeles, California.  Her father, Rich Hall, generously flying in from Everett, Washington, will drive the truck with their belongings toward their new place in LA, as their apartment in Provo watches the couple that made it charming leave.  Naturally, I’m superimposing my own feelings onto the place, but honestly, there’s no way any new occupant will know how to make their home within its walls nearly as appealing.  
I’ll stay behind, waving from the parking lot, both overflowing with memories, but I’m the only one capable of tears. Unlike the building, however, I can and will visit them soon, which reminds me of the holiday following their departure--Easter.  Any farewell is painful when loved ones part, but how much more devastating are the separations brought on by bad choices and/or death. 
Without the glorious reality of the Atonement and Resurrection of our Savior, so many years ago, those partings would bring inconsolable woe.  Instead, Jesus did Atone for our every misstep and mortal pain, arose from death, and opened a golden pathway of hope for each and every one of us.  
No loss or broken bond need ever be permanent, as we choose to faithfully align our mortal journeys with His.  No matter how far off we seem to be, the way back to who and what we love is right there waiting for our return. 

How fitting then, that traditionally, Easter is celebrated with rainbows, bunnies, 
flowers and other reminders of the return of life after Winter’s seeming death.  
My hope and faith is bound up in this undying promise. Remember, contrary to the theme of pop culture, the truth is that nothing good ever really dies, and love is the only thing that lasts.