Monday, June 8, 2015

School's Out, Summer's Begun

It's been a particularly wet Spring and early Summer, resulting in
green grass, trees, flowers and spectacular cloud formations.
Rain makes everything grow and the sky, when it clears, is breath-taking.
The Brigham City temple literally glows when the sunsets, 
which seems a fitting shot for the beginning of my final week at Box Elder High. 
This temple, again, is right up the street from the high school. 
I drive past it twice a day, but have never been inside.  Nearly every day I've also worked 2 jobs,
driving approximately 30 miles each way, leaving Logan between 5 and 6 am.
Returning before 5 pm so I can coach Japanese on line out of North Carolina.  
Weekends are for laundry, cooking meals for a week, family, and so forth. 
It's been quite a ride, but I must say, I probably would never have exited. Why?
Have you met the students?  
They're the reason teachers do what they do!
Graduation night was Friday, which created a 16 hour day 
by the time I made it home from Weber State College. 
Playing my part as BEHS faculty, I was able to witness
the happiest of days for a few of my favorite seniors, like RJ, 
who moved here from Pennsylvania.
It's been a tearful week of grading, wrapping up, cleaning up, and letting my room fill up 
with members of the Days and Knights Club, who camp out there most days during lunch.
Our last day of essay writing on Wednesday was based on 
claims founded in themes from The Great Gatsby, but
after that, students, past and current, stopped in to 
watch the rest of the movie, eat snacks,
sign each other's yearbooks and my journal. 
One note, written by a favorite, non-conforming student, brought tears:
Another brought her baby by to see me.  I still remember when she recorded 
 that she was expecting in her journal.  So proud of her for finishing
out that last semester in our L.A. class, and now, 
committing to graduate next year!  Volumes could be written
about students who have filled my heart with
joy and awe, as well as driven me crazy!!!
Now it's time to focus on what's next, like Camp with the Young Women
in my neighborhood church.  I'm their Camp Leader--ha ha!
I do not camp.  Despite making that very clear,  
they asked me to do it anyway.  The cool part is, I'll have a bunch of new
young friends living close by to do crafts, make cookies and so forth!
Jordan and Karli are hanging with friends in Cabo, Mexico this week and then back to pursuing their dreams in Los Angeles.  I'll drop in on them around July 4th, after a week of camping!
Also of top priority, I haven't had enough time to devote to coaching Japanese.  I started with this awesome school the same semester as teaching full-time, and have struggled to keep up with both jobs.  Now it can be a more prominent part of my working life 
and I don't have to leave the house to do it!  

That's all for the best, since there are health issues I've been ignoring for decades.
Ah, life after 50...  I'm hoping all is well, but taking steps 
(aka: the barrage of check-ups every responsible adult should have) 
to see what's what and go from there.  
The first exam (which I don't care to go into) 
proved successful and I'm happy to say that part of my body
passed that procedure with an A+!  YAY!! 
 Last, but not least, it's time for Twinkle, Luna and all of her friends to come to life! is all about them--how the book
was created, what's published and ready, and what's next....