Friday, July 11, 2014

And We're Off--Summer Fun!

The month began with the best 4th of July and birthday lunch with CAKE, (prepared by my son's beautiful wife, Karli), followed by a BBQ and fireworks 
with her sister and new husband at Sugarhouse Park.  
Now I'm on the road, headed to Maryland, to do a bit of mural painting.  I pulled off of interstate 40 earlier to find out just exactly where I am.  Chatted with some folks around my age, who are biking from WV 
to the same areas in UT and AZ I just left!  
Visited with friends and my brothers for a couple of days before heading East on Interstate 40 (aka: Route 66).  Joe and I hiked around in the Superstitions for a few hours. 
He makes a fun hiking partner!
It was the morning after a rain storm, so there were lots of critters on the trails,
along with a wonderful scent of refreshed cacti and shrubbery.
There's nothing like the desert after a storm and seriously, there are some stunning views in Arizona, like Lake Powell.  It has a surreal, other-worldly look, doesn't it?
I stayed with and visited a couple of old friends and attended the temple in Gilbert, AZ for the first time--wow.  It's Gorgeous!
Oh yes, and my friend, Rae's daughter, Michelle (now Udall) is running for State Representative!  I'm so proud of her and would vote for her if I was in her district, because she'd be great!
During that quick 2 day visit to Arizona, I was able to visit with all 3 of my brothers who live in Arizona, and that hasn't happened in years, so, it's already been an awesome summer! 

Now, as it turns out, I'm in Brinkley (Love that name--think I'll have to name a pet after it), Arkansas.  Hot, humid, and very very green here.  So, here's where I quit for the day. It's warm, very humid, and very, very green here--outside there are oodles of little toads and frogs hopping around and I love the smell of things growing in the air!
I'd intended to do this drive in 3 days.  Oh well.  2300 miles is a bit more than a jaunt and spending time with family and friends, coupled with, well, life, means too little sleep and dozing off at the wheel.  


  1. Joanna, what a fun trip you're having! Did I miss a visit from you earlier this week? (Just got your reply to my e-card.) Glad you had a fun birthday, too! Stay safe.

  2. So very happy for you, Joanna. Wonderful birthday with Jordan and Karli, and you have me envious over your trip to Arizona and family, temple visit, and now your trek across the nation. Love ya, sis. Tom